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Is Your 'Thing' What You Expected?

A Guest Post From Kelly Shanda was very nice to let me post on her blog today to tell you about something that is so near and dear to my heart. Life takes us places, sometimes, we never expect.
I planned on being a wife, a mommy, a teacher, but recently I became something I never expected—a published author! (thud!!) How I got to this point is a very long post, but it can be summed up with one word: God. God had more, different, better plans for me than I ever thought of. Looking back, I can see where he put stumbling blocks, gave encouragement, and helped me along the rat maze of life to get me where I am today. And guess what? I’m not alone because He’s doing the same thing for you. Do you have a dream so far out there that you don’t ever see it happening? Do you have a goal that you question if you can reach it? Do you doubt what you ‘think’ God called you to do? I know exactly what you are going through. Last year, I decided I was going to write a novel. I had always wanted to write on (well, it was on the bucket list anyway. I never thought it would actually happen.). The thought wouldn’t leave my mind, “Why not now?” The kicker is that I have three kids seven and under. I have a full-time, out-of-the-house job, a husband, a house (which is a tad bit messier now…). Why ‘now’ would pop into my mind, I have no idea. *I* didn’t think I had enough time. God knew differently. I’m so glad He did. Long story short, I finished the novel in March and started querying agents and publishers. In July, I signed a contract with Astraea Press and it was released on October 9th!!! I never thought I’d be a publisher author. I never thought I’d reach that ‘goal’.
Many times when I got rejection letters from agents or publishers I doubted if I even should do this. Know what? God knew all along what was best. I’m so grateful He did, and I pray that this book changes lives or at least causes people to think about God more in their daily lives while they are reading it.
What about you? Has God given you dreams you can't imagine coming true? Or has He done something for you that you never saw coming?
Sixteen year old Rachel Harker expects the church sponsored hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains to be short and painless. Four days later, injured and scared, Rachel prays to just make it home alive. Asher Jenkins, fellow hiker and handsome skeptic who is only on the hike so he doesn’t have to go home and face his abusive ‘uncle’, finds Rachel in the woods and tries to get her back to Deep Creek Trail. A small hole hidden under the fall leaves causes her ankle to twist and forces Asher to leave her to get help. As night falls, he comes back, unable to find the right trail. As hours stretch into days, an unexpected rainstorm bears down the mountain, flooding Deep Creek and cutting off their way home. Rachel puts all of her faith in God to save them. Asher thinks believing in God is a waste of time and does what he can to prove to Rachel that He doesn’t exist. With their food gone and the temperature dropping, time is running out. Will Rachel be able to do what needs to be done to get home? And can Asher find faith when he needs it the most? CROSSING THE DEEP can be found at,, and
Kelly Martin is a sleep deprived Mommy of three who wouldn't have it any other way. She is a special education preschool teacher, blogger, and author. Her second book, SAINT SLOAN, will be out in late winter 2013. (formerly oh that mom again)

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Is Your 'Thing' What You Expected? + TIME