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Questions For a Homeless Man on Venice Beach

Yesterday I spend the day on Venice Beach and I have a post for tomorrow regarding some of my thoughts.

Today, however,as I browse through my photos, this one breaks my heart and it brings questions to my mind
. Does he sleep during the day because it is safer? Is the jar of peanut butter his main staple? What is in the bags that make up his worldly possessions? Did he ever dream of living near the ocean?

Does he have children, or perhaps a wife, that wonder where he is? Is anyone praying for him?

What kind of chemicals are tearing away at his insides?

Does his heart know that he is worth so much that God gave His son for him?

I heard today that 26% of the homeless are Veterans. 11% of the United States is made up of Veterans. Those figures are staggering. And these are men who have given of their lives to serve our country. Knowing this bit of info, and this man’s age, I have to wonder if he gave a part of his life for the United States.

My uncle was a pastor. He hit a rough patch in his life and ended up on the streets, also a victim of homelessness. When his family finally found him, he was brought home to live with his daughter.
I wonder if this man used to be a servant of God.

Research showed me there are various organizations to help the homeless and addicts in the Venice area. However, they cannot help unless a person desires to change.

In reality, living on the beach may be his home of choice. The pressing question is: has he allowed Christ to live in his heart?

Where we reside is not near as important as who resides in our heart. For we can live a life where we want for nothing, but if our heart does not desire Jesus, we want for everything.

Today, I am praying for this man’s heart: that he will know how much God loves him and that he may find his salvation in Christ.

My full thoughts of Venice Beach are posted here.

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Questions For a Homeless Man on Venice Beach + Venice Beach