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Never Too Busy

Life has been crazy the last few weeks. Family and church commitments, out of town visitors, hosting big events at my home and helping my children make life changing decisions has kept me more than busy. About the time I feel I have a hold on things, I am hit with something else. This morning I was teaching a Sunday School class at my church and we were studying Luke 8:40-55, I was impressed by something that had not hit before. As Jesus entered the city, the crowds were waiting and crowded around him. Everyone wanted a piece of him and those who did manage to get his attention had to fight their way through to even touch him. In fact, in this story, while Jesus was on his way to heal the daughter of Jairus, he got interrupted by a woman who stole a miracle. I think, at that point, if someone had enough faith to touch the hem of my garment to be healed, I would have kept walking. After all, the deed was done, right? Yet He stopped and spoke with her, keeping Jairus waiting. Jesus took time for everyone, no matter how busy he was. He is the example of sacrifical love and patience, of always looking out for the interest of others above his own. My son hacked my facebook this morning by making my status, “Shanda is a bad friend. She has 122 unread messages.” I guess I need to try to be more like Jesus and take time for everyone, even when I feel hassled, busy and ready to drop. I would like to make everyone feel as special and worthy as He did.

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Never Too Busy + LIFE