The Madness of Hope + Thanksgiving

On The Receiving End

I have been sad that I cannot participate in all the wonderful Thanksgiving outreach projects that my church does. We plan to feed 5500 on 11 different sites. We've had 804 turkeys donated, with all the makings to make a delicious dinner. Tomorrow volunteers will take groceries to many homes and the cooking will also begin to be ready to feel on Thursday.

I have been watching all the activity through Facebook and feeling a bit sorry for myself because I cannot participate in the season of giving. It's my favorite time of year!

Then it dawned on me: I am sitting here in my living room waiting on some wonderful friends from my Life Group to deliver a meal for our family. They have been bringing supper since I got out of the hospital. I am actually on the receiving end of the giving for the first time.

I feel so blessed by this group of people wanting to take care of my family and showing us so much love. Just as I get enjoyment out of giving, so they feel blessed to serve ME. It is a humbling and grateful place to be.

I am thankful to God for the benign result, for my friends for praying and loving on me, and for my family for being so incredible. My husband has been so attentitive: praying me through a high blood pressure attack, holding my puke bucket etc etc. My sister sat in the hospital room for thirty hours demanding pain medication for my anesthesia induced migraine when the nurses were slow on getting it. And, my mom flew from Kentucky to take care of me. I feel blessed!

I'm on the receiving end this year!

That is my heart: humbled and thankful. Please link below and tell me what is on your heart today.
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On The Receiving End + Thanksgiving