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One Reason I Love My Husband

He always supports me, is forever proud of me, and never feels threatened.
First of all, he encouraged me as a body builder. I naturally built muscle and grew quickly. He pushed and trained me to get stronger and bigger, proud of my six-pack and the way I showed up many of the guys at the gym. There was never resentment that I was the one to compete when he had spent more years weight lifting than me.
Than, we began running. I was naturally fast and usually placed in races. He was proud when I qualified for Boston, never jealous that he couldn’t. He just encouraged me to be the best I could be.
Later, I began playing the keyboard and leading worship. While joining me for much of the time, he always supported my role as leader, even though he had far more natural musical ability than I.
Even now with speaking, he encourages me and pushes me to be the best I can be.
I think it takes great strength for a husband to support his wife to find her strengths and pursue them, especially when they are ones that he often would have liked for himself. It takes a man secure in who he is and in who God made him to support that kind of role in a wife. For that, I am forever grateful.
I am proud of you also. I am proud of your gentleness, humility, wisdom and your overwhelming knowledge about just about everything! I am proud of the way you have turned your life’s focus from business to ministry and for the way you have allowed God to totally transform your life. My heart warms every time I see you put aside yourself and trust God to take care of difficult situations.
I love you, Mark Oakley. You’re a good man!

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