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Chicken Tetrazzini for Jesus

While glancing through a book today, I saw a chapter titled, 'Serving leftovers to a holy God." Honestly, I did not even read the chapter as I got sidetracked thinking how many times I serve leftovers to my family. I began to think that I would never serve leftovers to Jesus if he came for dinner. But, what would I serve? I am not a good cook nor do I enjoy cooking, but for Jesus? Hmmm? I would cook the meal I do best: Chicken Tetrazzini. My recipe is one from my ‘Aunt Kay’, a single missionary lady who came to Africa in the 1970’s to tutor my sister and I as well as teach the African kids. It has never failed to impress my dinner guests, deceiving them thinking I am a good cook! So, just in case you want to invite Jesus for dinner, I will share my recipe with you! Chicken Tetrazzini 1 chicken boiled with plenty of water for broth 1 box spaghetti, boiled in broth 1/2 pound grated cheddar cheese Sauté: mushrooms, onions and celery Melt 2Tb butter and add 1TB flour. Add the chicken broth and cook until slightly thick. Add 3T Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and the shredded chicken. Place spaghetti on large serving dish. Pour chicken mixture on top and sprinkle cheese on top. Come to think of it, if I would cook it for Jesus, I should cook it for my family. So, that is what is on the menu for tomorrow.

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