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Can God Interrupt Uour Life?

How busy are you. When your name is called, do you attend to the caller? Do you stop when God speaks to you? I am a doer! In the past, I have had difficulty telling anyone, “no”. As a result, I was always busy. Most of my business was in the church: teaching Sunday School, women’s bible studies, leading worship, entertaining, organizing events, counseling etc. I filled my plate with doing good things for God. I had the mentality that I had to fill every need myself and often neglected to consult him first. I overbooked my schedule with doing a bit of everything. Then when God would lay on my heart a burden for a specific ministry, there was no room left in my schedule. In saying “yes” to everyone else, including the church, I was actually saying, “No” to God. It has taken forty nine years to learn to slow down. Although I often fail, my aim is to never commit to anything without praying for a week first as it is a matter of letting God determine my schedule. I do not want to ever disobey God because there is no time. At this present time, this matter is weighing heavy on my mind. The next few months are going to be very busy and there seems to be no let up until probably November. So now is the time to get out my calendar, pray over every commitment, and ask God to give me direction as to what He desires and what needs to be left out.

That way, when He leads me in a certain direction, whether it be greeting a neighbor, sharing my testimony or changing the world, I will have time in my schedule to say, "Yes".

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